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Dr. Vladimir Bronn, a world class mathematician and pioneer of artificial intelligence has studied the interaction between mathematical models and the behaviour of organisms throughout his outstanding career. Holding a PhD in the field of Computer Science with a focus on AI and Robotics has led him to fascinating opportunities in the field of computer development. Dr. Bronn has worked on the development of a neurocomputer, as well as a prototype supercomputer with 64 thousand processors in 1991. Since 1991, Dr. Bronn has worked on a plethora of projects.

1988 saw the release of the first iteration of CTOR to the masses. The then called KTOR sold 100,000 copies to the Russian public and has remained a staple game ever since. Dr. Bronn’s revolutionary game has been immortalized by many renowned Russian news outlets. The game board, at first glance does not look very different from a standard game board. However, the genius of this game lies in the mathematical principles that govern it. The CTOR board is a 2D representation of a tor, a 3D shape reminiscent of a bagel. This tor shape allows for continuous movement without any psychical boundary to be encountered.

The game CTOR allows players to train both their left and right brain. Players can determine whether they are a logical or abstract thinker via the game’s revolutionary brain test mode. Using varying time limits, CTOR compels players to use either their left brain or their right brain. Left brained individuals think more logically, whereas right brained individuals think more creatively. This phenomenal test will allow companies to specifically hire the types of thinkers they need for given positions. In addition to this, players can upload their own scores to CTOR’s global leaderboard to see how their brain compares to those of other players around the world.

A game as groundbreaking as CTOR has not been invented for over 2000 years. CTOR is in the same family of games such as Chess, and a classic Chinese game known as Go. These strategy games have redefined what games can be, and have trained humans to think for millennia. CTOR takes this a step further by offering its outstanding benefits to a global audience via mobile phones.

CTOR has over 400 million possible combinations of moves, and each game is completely unpredictable. Players will handle completely new challenges unlike any they have ever faced and develop new ways of thinking to dominate their opponent in online multiplayer. In single mode, players can pit their own brain against itself in a valiant struggle between logic and creativity. CTOR represents the next great leap forward in human intellectualism and abstract thought.

CTOR is Dr. Bronn’s lifelong hobby that has evolved into a passion. Dr. Bronn could not trust the development of his game to just any firm. Dr. Bronn sought a firm that would develop his revolutionary game to his own specification. Naturally, Dr. Bronn chose none other than Toronto’s Deskree Studio. Founded in 2015, Deskree Studio creates custom software for discerning clients. Meticulously crafted to exacting specifications, Deskree Studio believes that no project is complete until the client is fully satisfied. And CTOR is complete.

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